Aiyn Zahev Sounds Halcyon For Serum


Aiyn Zahev Sounds Halcyon For Serum

Aiyn Zahev Sounds Halcyon For Serum
Size 26 Mb 

Halcyon is a brand new 128 patch sound-bank for Xfer Serum, using the hybrid engine of Serum to give you the edge and complexity of wavetable synthesis with the warmth of analog waveforms and filters all in one place. Halcyon covers warm and lush to digital and edgy but always remains lush & musically useful.

Basses are heavily featured and cover Acid, FM, Analog and Complex wave styles. Rich trance plucks, supersaws & pad sounds are plentiful, but I’m also a big fan of complex digital pads, inspired by classic digital workstations.

Creative artists will find uses for all of the above in almost any genre. I’ve used techniques such as internal dynamic EQ, to help the sounds sit in the mix right out of the box and are malleable.

I’ve included 8 basic MIDI construction kits, as heard in the audio demo, which can use as a springboard to your own productions. (Royalty free)

Each patch has modwheel and two macro assignments to give further tonal variation. Care has been taken to make sure the patch levels don’t clip internally or in your DAW.

Version 1.016 or above required


Demo Preview: