Clean Bandit – Stronger (Remix Stems)


Clean Bandit - Stronger (Remix Stems)

Clean Bandit – Stronger (Remix Stems)
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“Stronger” is a song by English electronic group Clean Bandit featuring uncredited vocals by Alex Newell and Sean Bass, brother of Sharna Bass (who sings the vocals of Clean Bandit’s hit “Extraordinary”).It was originally released on 22 November 2014, featuring uncredited vocals from Olly Alexander, the lead singer of Years & Years. The song has since been re-recorded and was released as a single on 19 April 2015.It was also remixed by American electronic duo Vindata.

The video,which was released on 11 March 2015, was made in collaboration with Microsoft, Wlodek Markowicz and Karol Paciorek and featured Microsoft Lumia phones, which were used for the video’s bullet time effect,a bus driver singing to the song and dancing to it with others (including Clean Bandit), intermixed with clips of Clean Bandit and a dance group dancing to the song (where the bullet time effect was used). The video was directed by Jack Patterson and Produced by Katharine Cowell and has more than 10 million views as of September 2015.