Groove3 Session Horns Pro Explained


Groove3 Session Horns Pro Explained

Groove3 Session Horns Pro Explained
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Eli Krantzberg brings you the definitive series on Native Instruments Session Horns Pro! With over 114 minutes of video, Eli takes you from beginning to end, leaving no features or functions behind. You’ll learn the important basics and cool advanced topics that will have you creating realistic, big sounding horn parts and melodies in no time!

Eli starts off with a “Road Map” video which shows you all about the different Instrument Types, 3 Main Windows, and an Overview of the instrument itself. Next it’s on to Section Setup, where you’ll see how to load pre configured Horn Sections and Build Your Own from Scratch. The Voicing Assistant and Smart Chords are then revealed, and you’ll learn them inside and out, allowing you to create authentic Voicings and Chords.

Now Eli gets deeper and gives you numerous tutorials on the Animator, Articulations, Key Switching and Expression features. These functions are what make this virtual instrument shine and sound like “real horns”, giving you endless creative options. Finally, the powerful Sound Window View is explored and Eli covers all the Sound Shaping Tools here such as Compression, EQ, Reverb, Delay, Automation and more!

If you’re ready for the last word in playable horns, this series will end the conversation and give you the best sounding horns for your songs and productions… Watch “Session Horns Pro Explained” today.


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