Lucid Samples Percussion XXL Pack


Lucid Samples Percussion XXL Pack
Size 496 MbĀ 

Percussion XXL Pack is a massive around-the-globe percussion sample collection. Among the things you will find here are African drums, Indian tabla drums, powerful orchestral timpani or European percussion. This is an amazingly abundant set which will enable you to incorporate into your music tunes from all the corners of the world. Apart from acoustic samples there are also synth drum samples. Thus, with this sample pack you are able to create any kind of music you want; whether it be instrumental, ethnic, folk, even electronic, industrial and techno.

Percussion XXL Pack is over 1 GB of cutting-edge material, created in music studios, or taken directly from vinyl records. Now you have a chance to spice up your music with tinges of sounds from around the globe!

Detailed content of Percussion XXL Pack:

836 Bongos
374 Congas
072 Cowbell
412 Drums
1806 Ethnic Perc
017 Gongs
121 Guiro
115 Metallic
616 Percussion
168 Shakers
196 Special
032 Tambourine
075 Timpani
160 Toms


187 Conga
187 Conga Tube*


16 Claps
05 Crash
181 Hats
51 Kicks
05 Rides
154 Snares

Ethnic Perc

903 Ethnic Perc
903 Ethnic Perc Tube


308 Percussion
308 Percussion Tube


92 Fx Perc
57 Hard Perc
28 Noise Drums
19 Reverse Fx

In total: 5000 samples


Demo Preview: