Quantize Courses Drum Programming TUTORiAL


Quantize Courses Drum Programming
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Create drum patterns full of life and variation. Change energy levels to drive your music forward and seamlessly move between sections in your arrangement. Add effects to enhance your groove.

If you write music for the dance floor this pack is for you.

This course consists of 3.5 hours of HD tutorials demonstrating step by step techniques. You will also get the Ableton Live 9 set containing all of the examples from the course. The tutorials cover innovative techniques for creating drum patterns that fit perfectly with underground club music.

Video List

• Making the most of this pack
• The rhythm framework
• The power of accents
• Rhythmic contour
• Silence & contrast
• Dynamics
• Enhancing the groove
• Analysing professional loops
• Call & response programming
• Adding life
• House percussion analysis
• Release & groove
• Micro adjustments
• Swing & groove uncovered
• Deep & Tech hats
• Super fast hat & perc patterns
• Organic rhythms
• Dusky house layer
• Ghost notes
• Rhythmic effects
• Reverb settings for drums
• Reverb tricks
• Drum buss compression
• Loop variation
• Programming drum fills
• Fast drum fill hacks
• Snare roll tricks
• Polyrhythms
• Energy levels
• Washy techno rides
• Complimenting the bassline
• Your next steps