Quantize Courses Melodies & Riffs


Quantize Courses Melodies & Riffs

Quantize Courses Melodies & Riffs
Size 340 Mb

This course consists of 2 Live Online Training sessions with an Ableton Certified Trainer and 2.75 hours of HD tutorials demonstrating step by step techniques. You will also get the Ableton Live 9 set containing all of the examples from the course. This course covers innovative techniques for creating melodic ideas that fit perfectly with underground club music.

On purchase you will immediately receive an email with links to your downloads and instructions on how to join your live training sessions.

Video List

• Making the most of this pack.
• What is a melody
• Lightning Scales
• Choosing the perfect scale
• Dark Arps
• Powerful rhythmic changes
• Polyrhythms
• Dynamic Life
• Expression
• Fast inspiration with software
• Chord Progression Tips
• Riffs, Ostinatos & Loops
• Riff Core Structure
• Tension & Release
• Harmonic Tension
• Chords & Melodies
• Melodic Movement
• Melodic Structures
• How to Start and Finish.
• Repetition & Contrast
• Peak & Balance
• Melodic Layering
• Putting it all together